Does your staff know what protection your current selection of Face Masks and PPE provides?

With the constant introduction of new GPO contracts, products, and guidelines, the choices for your protection are not always clear. The goal of Precept’s A.C.E. Program (Assess, Consolidate, Educate) is to make sure healthcare professionals are properly protected.


Based on safety, comfort and compliance goals, Precept will review your current products and practices and then make recommendations.


Through in-service training, we will teach your staff how to determine and correctly use the appropriate face mask and protective apparel in different situations.

Face Mask Educational Brochure


Gown Educational Brochure


Precept will recommend the products you need and explain why.

Usage PostersBased on recommendations, we will create face mask and protective apparel customized selection and usage posters with photos of the PPE; situational use, proper wearing practices, etc.

We are committed to being your resource for all things PPE and will continue to keep you informed as industry standards change.