Precept’s line of headwear is designed to fit the various needs of healthcare personnel. Headwear is available in a variety of styles, including bouffant caps, surgical caps, and several types of hoods. Bouffant caps are available in 3 sizes (21”, 24”, and 27”) and come in blue, white, and Precept’s own designer print.

Precept’s surgical caps are designed for user comfort. Hoods are available with an array of features and materials, to fit a variety of end-users. 

Shoe and Boot Covers
Shoe and boot covers are constructed of wet-laid nonwoven, polypropylene, and fluid resistant multi-layer SMS, and available in blue and white colors.  Shoe covers are available with or without an anti-skid tread, and come in regular and x-large sizes. Packaged in both dispenser boxes and bulk, for customer convenience.

Lab Jackets and Lab Coats
Lab jackets are blue and have knit collars and cuffs, with front pockets. Precept’s lab coats come in a variety of styles. Materials include polypropylene and fluid resistant multi-layer SMS.

Scrub Pants and Scrub Tops
Precept’s scrub suits are constructed from premium material that make them durable and comfortable, resisting tear and damage while allowing for ease in movement. Scrub suits are available in sizes ranging from small to XXL.

Precept’s coveralls are available in a variety of styles, including open wrists/ankles and elastic wrists/ankles. The coveralls are made from an array of materials, including polypropylene, heavyweight polypropylene and fluid resistant multi‑layer SMS.

Also available from Precept are Plastic Aprons, Patient Exam Apparel, Protective Sleeves, Entrance Tacky Mats, Newborn Accessories, Expectant Father’s Kit, and Patient Welcome Kit.

Contact Customer Service for additional information on protective apparel.